Understanding the Best Practices and Common Mistakes Regarding Data Center Designs

Network of connected points and lines. Technological background. 3d rendering.

As the world is rapidly moving towards data and technology, data centers have become an integral part of the digital world. However, with the amount of data that the world is dealing with currently, the number of data centers are comparatively less.

As a result, it is becoming increasingly important to build more data centers to accommodate the huge amount of data exchange that is taking place every day. However, data center designing and building is a daunting task. 

For better understanding, we have mentioned some of the best practices that should be followed and the common mistakes that must be avoided while designing a data center.

Best Practices

Power Systems

It requires immense power sources to run a full-blown data center. If the power supply is not adequate, it can turn into an acute bottleneck for the entire system. As a result, certain factors should be considered well in advance to keep the data center running efficiently.

  • Servers- To allow the data to be stored and communicated across all channels, powerful servers are required.
  • Cooling- data centers consume enormous amounts of energy that leads to overheating of the physical components at times. For that, an efficient cooling system is necessary to avoid breakdown.
  • Emergency power- In case of power supply failure, an emergency backup power supply system should be ready to prevent breakdown.

Space Organization

To allow the data center to be built and function properly, physical space is an essential factor. Here are the things to keep in mind.

  • Floor space- It acts as the base of the entire data center. All sorts of components will be stored, moved, and operated from here.
  • Cabinets- While floor space is important, physical components can neither be stored nor operated on the floor. Cabinets and racks are required to set them up for proper control.


Data security is a major issue these days. Since a huge amount of data is transacted through data centers, a robust security model also becomes quite vital including data encryption and backup techniques.


One should also avoid making the following mistakes when designing a data center.

  • Finalizing the location before the complete design is ready
  • Choosing wrong data center power equipment 
  • Improper design criteria and performance characteristics
  • Non-compliant design as per business objectives

With Stendel + Reich data center architecture solutionsyou can rest assured that your data center design meets all criteria and is fully functional.