Boost Your Brand Presence With Amazon Brand Registry

As Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce retailers, the chances of having counterfeit products on Amazon are also quite high. And with the growing problem of fake goods on Amazon also increases the chance of jeopardising the trust of potential customers. Not only does it affect customers’ trust, but it might also have a negative effect on your brand image and impact your brand reputation. This outrageous situation can be dealt with by Amazon’s Brand Registry which was introduced by Amazon to protect brands and enhance their digital efforts. Thousands of brands have already adopted Amazon Brand Registry in order to deal with losses inflicted by counterfeit products. If you are facing similar problems, this is your call to get in touch with Amazon Brand Registry UK today.

All you need is an eligible Amazon seller account, and registering your brand trademark through Brand Registry will be a breeze. But the question is- how exactly does it work, and how can it benefit your business?

Amazon Brand Registry is a program designed for sellers to enrol their brands on Amazon. It gives sellers complete control over their brands and protects them from counterfeiting. Not only that, Amazon also gives brand-registered sellers access to multiple tools to help them build and market their brand on Amazon. 

Here are some key features of Amazon Brand Registry to help you understand what it does:

Brand Protection: Amazon Brand Registry equips sellers with tools to protect their intellectual property, including trademarks, and swiftly address potential infringements.

A+ Content: Create compelling and visually appealing product listings with Enhanced Brand Content, now called A+ content, allowing you to tell your brand story and showcase your products in a more engaging manner.

Powerful Search Tools: Gain access to advanced search capabilities, making it easier to identify and report potential intellectual property violations.

Increased Brand Visibility: Leverage a suite of marketing and advertising tools to enhance your brand’s visibility, making it stand out amidst the vast array of products on Amazon.

Benefits of Brand Registry

Listed below are some of the benefits of Brand Registry

Build Trust with Consumers:

A registered brand inspires confidence. Shoppers are more likely to trust and choose products from brands that are officially recognized and protected through Amazon Brand Registry.

Enhanced Product Listings:

Take advantage of Enhanced Brand Content to create visually appealing and informative product listings. Showcase your brand’s unique value proposition, features, and benefits to potential customers.

Mitigate Unauthorised Sellers:

Brand Registry helps prevent unauthorised sellers from hijacking your product listings. Maintain control over your brand narrative and ensure customers receive authentic products.

Streamlined Reporting Process:

The program provides a streamlined and efficient process for reporting intellectual property violations. This proactive approach allows you to protect your brand swiftly.

Access to Exclusive Marketing Tools:

Utilise advertising and marketing tools, such as Sponsored Brands and A+ Content, to amplify your brand’s reach and engage with your target audience more effectively.

How to Enrol in Amazon Brand Registry

Eligibility Check:

Ensure that your brand is eligible for enrollment. Typically, you need an active registered trademark for your brand.

Create an Amazon Account:

If you are a serious seller, you should have an Amazon seller account. If you don’t have one already, create a seller account on Amazon.

Provide Trademark Information:

Submit your registered trademark information through the Brand Registry application.

Verification Process:

Amazon will review your application, and upon approval, you’ll gain access to the tools and benefits of Brand Registry.

Amazon Brand Registry is not just a protective shield for your brand; it’s a dynamic toolset for brand enhancement. By enrolling in this program, you not only fortify your brand against potential threats but also open the doors to a host of features that can elevate your brand presence on the Amazon marketplace. Take the proactive step today and get in touch with eStore Factory to get your brand registered on Amazon.

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